Sunrise Rooftop Restaurant
Interior Space Design - Hospitality

Sunrise is located in the industrial suburb of Bangalore. This project was conceived using affordable materials and parts of an existing building to keep project costs down. We wanted to create a cosy environment for this family-owned business.

Planned as an extension, the space features an industrial look with exposed steel structure members painted in black and is located on a rooftop with ribbon windows that bring natural light into the space. The interior walls are finished with smooth cement to add warmth and texture. A series of tables wrap around the perimeter of the cafe, with tiled tops. A built-in couch with deep blue upholstery, high-top table with bar stools, and wire chairs also furnish the interior.

In addition to crafting the interiors, we also designed wall graphics and illustrations for this space inspired by our first impression of the unused terrace infested with rodents and meeting with an aspirational property owner with dreams of refurbishment. We drew parallels to Gusteau's restaurant in the movie Ratatouille and recreated its iconic scenes of Remy the rat chef guiding Linguini by pulling on his hair, the rats cooking, etc. as vinyl graphics on the cement finished walls.