Dr. Vishnuvardhan Memorial
Architecture - Public Building

We have designed Dr. Vishnuvardhan Memorial as a place that would allow gatherings of general masses to use this place to discuss the various social and civil issues that they feel are worth discussing in public. It is hence thought that this place would serve as the centre of social change that would be initiated by the locals of the city for the improvement of the community.

Given that the monument sits in a rural setting, its immediate surroundings are not particularly welcoming. In response, we have enclosed the site with a Gabion wall that provides privacy and guides visitors along a "discovery path" leading to the Memory Monument and the photo gallery all situated within a park-like setting. Crafted entirely out of fine metal, the Memory Monument is in the shape of a “kada" (famously worn as lucky charm by Dr. Vishnuvardhan) stands at a daunting height of 10 metres above the level of lower ground. Grass, gravel and concrete paving denote the different programmatic areas. While walking along the “discovery path” visitors encounter few welcoming and friendly statues of Dr. Vishnuvardhan in different postures reminiscing various on screen characters portrayed by the actor similar to what one would see in Madam Tussauds Wax Museum where visitors engage freely with the celebrity statues for photographs making it a very popular tourist attraction. Most of the film related programs are all clustered up in the building as a single block - not accessible by general visitors. The screenings and previews will be through invitations and prior bookings. This building block is located on the south-west zone of the site serving as a backdrop to the Memory Monument and the amphitheater.