CMRU Student Housing
Architecture - Institution

The multiple student housing building is located on the site with very unique characteristics. It is surrounded by streets on the three sides sitting amidst a dense residential neighbourhood in Bangalore city. The front facade / main entry to the building faces a cemetery. The nature of building use is very dynamic and vibrant where as the site context is its exact opposite. The challenge was to blend the two and at the same time re-define the stereotypical image of student housing existing in the country.

The view outside was not something to look at. Hence it was certain that the building had to be closed or introvert. This resulted in the plan with internal central court / light well surrounded by various rooms which were facing the streets. This internal court becomes a vital space for student interactions.

The rooms needed natural light and ventilation. A regular window would have served the purpose but was not an acceptable solution with the given site conditions. This lead to development of a new window typology termed as niche. Each room has a niche which is pushed out of the building facade. From inside the room spaces, this niche provides utility pockets which every student can use in an unique way.